Manifattura Pri.Ma.Tex S.r.l, to ensure the highest quality and conformity of produced fabrics, submits each production lot to constant tests of laboratory, verifying the correct correspondence of values to norms and requisites request.
Our laboratory is in an air-conditioned environment, with controlled temperature and humidity.

Possibility to perform the following tests:
  • perforation test antiperforation materials

    and shoes
  • tear, traction and elongationresistance test
  • water vapor permeability test
  • fire resistance test
  • radiant heat transmission test
  • spray test
  • color fastness test against dry and wet rubbing
  • climatic chamber for environmental aging tests
  • electrical resistance test
  • climate chamber for ESD materials conditioning
  • abrasion resistance test.



  • Transfer Printing
  • Rotary Printing
  • Direct Inkjet Digital Printing
  • Reactive Polyurethane Lamination
  • Film and Web Lamination
  • Latex Lamination
  • Powder lamination
  • Flame lamination
  • Coating
  • Resining
  • Pad Impregnation


  • Ceramic, Mineral, Metal and Graphene Resins
  • Natural and Synthetic starches
  • Water Proof treatments
  • Fire Proof treatments
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal treatments
  • Anti-static treatments


  • Dynamometer for Tear, Tension and Stretching Tests
  • Dynamometer for Perforation Tests
  • Martindale for Abrasion and Pilling Tests
  • Ballì per Upper Bend Tests
  • Flexometer per Sole Bending Tests
  • Spray Tests
  • Forced Ventilation Stove
  • Water Vapour Permeability
  • Cabin for Horizontal Flame Tests
  • Temperature Chamber for Aging Tests
  • Metriso for Electrical Resistance Tests

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