and flame retardant materials produced by Manifattura Pri.Ma.Tex S.r.l are created to ensure the maximum protection for the final users, granted still a total comfort, lightness, breathability and thermal insulation.

The MULTIPROTECTIVE line products have revolutionized the world of

security in steel industry

, since its components are fully protective, both from fire and water.
Made with intrinsically resistant,

fire retardant technical fibers

, they give total protection against molten metals (iron 1400 ° C / aluminum 800° C).
Replacing the very heavy, rigid and non-breathable leathers used until today to produce safety boots until now with our special technical fabrics, allows to greatly improve breathability, comfort, lightness and portability for DPI. The

fire proof fabrics

of the MULTIPROTECTIVE line are also designed for the production of footwear/boots for firefighters sector.

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